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Ute Limacher-Riebold-074I support you to create the life you desire abroad!

I help you to understand the other culture & learn the other language, to bridge the unfamiliar with the familiar, so that you can focus on what you really want and need to embrace & enjoy your life abroad!

Have an easy start in the Netherlands!

5 Steps to ENJOY your international life(6)


The 5 Steps to E.N.J.O.Y. your life in The Hague programme* will give you practical advice and  important information about your host country, the Netherlands!

Some free videos are already available!

Instead of finding it all out by yourself you can get a full package of information and my personal support. 




You’ll be able to access this programme online mid-September 2016! 


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* I can tailor this programme for other cities in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany or Switzerland upon request.





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List of Workshops

Barbara G. says

Ute’s workshops are very professional and fast paced. She has a very indepth knowledge of the topics and shares the latest scientific findings. I’ve been at her workshops “Moving on, relocating and staying behind” and “Parenting the bilingual child”. I can warmly recommend both of them! 

Marco P. says

German is so difficult! I need it for my work but in big groups I didn’t feel that I made any progress. When I heard that Ute gives one-on-one lessons, I thought I give it a try. I need to pass an exam soon. She has different ways to teach which makes learning interesting even after a long workday. The grammar seems less complicated now, which means a lot!

(Marco passed his C1 exam in October 2015)

José D. L. says

We speak 2 languages in our family and didn’t know which school to choose for our children. Ute helped us consider all the options and make our very own family language plan. We now know how to help our children with all the languages and on how to respond when teachers, family etc. doubt our multilingual plan. –  Thank you Ute!

About our TCKs being not-only-but-also

When this article poped up on my facebook timeline today, of a 14-year-old girl combining ballet and hip-hop in such a beautiful way, it hit me. Her performance is a great rappresentation of what all Third Culture Kids do every day: they try to combine all the values,...

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4 tips to learn a new language for adults

When adults learn a new language they often opt for conventional language classes, i.e. learn the grammar and follow a textbook. If they need to attain a certain level quickly (cfr. A1-C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFRL), they...

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Smiling and Cultural Identity

Our cultural identity helps us to create a sense of belonging, security, satisfaction and makes us feel connected. We all exist on different levels: we may identify with our nation, an ethnic group, a geographic region, social status, faith in a religious belief or...

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Keep cool and stay bilingual

We can find many suggestions about how to support our children to become bilinguals* when they are toddlers, in preschool or primary school. But what happens when they are teenagers and young adults? Can we still support them with their family languages or other...

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Goodbyes are hard for leavers and stayers!

To all those who left, to all those who will leave, and to all those who will stay… We can find many advices for people leaving, how to organize a moving and how to make the move smooth for the whole family, children, and friends. But what about those who stay? I’ve...

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