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Ute Limacher-Riebold-074Hi, I’m Ute,

I’m German (and Swiss), currently living in The Hague in the Netherlands. I have lived "abroad" my whole life, which means that I’ve never lived in my parents' country of origin (Germany).

I’m an Adult Third Culture Kid and an expat-since-birth. I’ve moved for study, work, the spirit of adventure, and as an accompanying partner. I had to re-invent myself several times along the way, but despite many ups and downs, I managed to adjust, adapt and thrive successfully in all the places I’ve lived.

My aim is to help international families, mainly parents, navigate their life abroad successfully with their children and enjoy the journey!

(cfr. I'm a Dr. Phil., you can find more information about my scientific career here and my Dr. thesis here)






Why Ute's International Lounge?

Leading a mobile life means to experience change constantly and it’s not always easy to adapt.

I know about all the stages of an international life and offer Internationals a special place where to find the advice, the support and the understanding they need: my Lounge.

My aim is to help you thrive during your life abroad, understand the new culture, the locals, the language.

One of our main concerns as parents is that our children are happy, that they seize and enjoy the many opportunities they are given. 


Do you know that Children who grow up internationally – because they move often or go to international schools – experience more change than the average adult in his/her whole lifetime?


How can you make sure your children get the best out of their international childhood, that they embrace the many changes with confidence and become responsible adults?

I have been there, seen what can go wrong, I'm up to date with the recent research about international childhood (TCKs, CCKs, global nomads etc.) and know about the best strategies that will help you, your partner, teachers etc. best support your children in all situations. 


Life with all its challenges is a gift to be enjoyed with a smile on the face. – A smile on your face helps you to build profitable and wonderful relationships, and it builds bridges, not walls...   

Meet me at my Lounge!




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