Accompanying Partners

Accompanying Partners are those who follow their partners abroad, to another country, often to a series of other countries. They juggle everything: starting from the planning of the move, through the whole transition to the adjusting in the new place. They are (or feel?) responsible that every family member settles easily and has a smooth start and thrives.

Some Accompanying Partners benefit from a welcome and support service that their partners' compay provides upon arrival. They get all kind of information from how to find a school, a home, how to move around in the new place, whom to contact to get help, how the health care system works and what their opportunities are career-wise in the new place. – Unfortunately this kind of service is not accessible for every Accompanying Partner and many of them have to find out by themselves how to best function in the new place.

I have lived abroad my whole life and am now raising my own children abroad. I have moved with my parents, for study, for adventure, for work, as accompanying partner and mother. I had to restart life from scratch several times and despite many ups and downs I managed to adapt, adjust and enjoyed my life in the places I've lived so far.

In order to navigate life abroad successfully one needs to have

  • the courage to start something new in an unfamiliar environment,
  • a spirit of adventure,
  • flexibility,
  • open mindedness and
  • humor

There is not one formula that fits all, but there is one habit that helps to lead a balanced international life and this is to make regular assessments and plans...





Here below you can find great tips and important information for

Accompanying Partners from other coaches, counsellors, trainers

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