Cultural Coaching

I moved to NL from the States 12 months ago and had a hard time. After an easy start, things kept getting worse and I didn't know what to do, if returning back home or not. My children just started to settle in at school and made new friends. I felt that I was failing. When Ute told me that this is what can happen to expats and guided me through this stage, I felt a huge relief. – I'm still in the NL and am volunteering at school. I'll soon do my NT2 and hope to find a job soon. – Kaitlyn G.

Language Consulting

My husband and I were concerned about our son who is 2 and barely speaks. We attended Ute's workshop "Parenting the Bilingual Child" and had a consultation session with Ute, where we analized our situation in detail. We made a language plan and looked at the possibilities (school, moving abroad etc.). Ute is an expert in bilingualism and gave us very important tips on how to proceed this next year. We can highly recommend Ute! She illustrated what to expect, and what was important for me: how to respond when teachers or consultatieburo tell you not to speak your language to your child! – Sara & Nadar B.

Language Coaching

I attended Ute's workshop about Bilingualism. I speak Russian to my children but one of them has difficulties at school. Ute showed me different strategies to help him and the situation is much better now. Knowing that I can ask her for advice if other problems arise is very helpful. She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience! – Irina O.

Language Training

German is not an easy language for me. I couldn't pronounce some sounds and Ute helped me with phonetical training to optimize my pronunciation. I feel much more confident now! – Katarina Y.


Ute's workshops are very professional and fast paced. She has a very indepth knowledge of the topics and shares the latest scientific findings. I've been at her workshops "Moving on, relocating and staying behind" and "Parenting the bilingual child". I can warmly recommend both of them! – Barbara G.

Highly recommended workshop for bilingual children. Ute has an excellent academical background on the subject backed up with her family experience, having children speaking several languages. She answer with detail any question during the workshop. This workshop has been a big relief from my wife and me, because it knocked down some myth on this subject that other (uninformed) people told us. (Anonymous father)