Koopzegels in the Netherlands are not Coupons!

When you go shopping in Supermarkets in the Netherlands, you'll be asked spaar je koopzegels/spaarzegels (do you save koopzegels/spaarzegels) at the checkout counter. If you thought "I won't pay for coupons!", you may need to know how this really works. It is actually a great way to save money!


In order to buy €49 of stamps, you need to do €490 of shopping. When you shop at AH you can buy 1 zegel per of 10 cents for every euro you spend. If you shop for €28 Euro, you'd pay €2,80 more for 28 zegels. A booklet (you get it at the counter), holds 490 zegels (i.e. an investment of €49 Euro) and it returns €52, which is 6% profit. You can cash the amount you get as profit by handing in the booklet. Usually you can only hand in one full booklet at a time, but if you have filled more than one, I'd advise you to tell them in advance so that the klantenservice has enough cash in the till.


  • With every euro you spend at Jumbo you can buy a spaarzegel for €0,10.
  • You put these in the spaarboekje (booklet) that you receive at the counter.
  • One spaarboejke consists of 10 spaarkaarten and you can cash every card separately.
  • When your have competed a card of 25 zegels, Jumbo will give you €0,10 extra, i.e. a full card has a value of €2,60.
  • A full booklet has the value of €26, i.e. 4% return of investment.

Albert Heijn

For each Euro of shopping you do at Albert Heijn, you can buy a koopzegel for €0,10 each with a face value of €0,10. To fill the whole booklet you need 490 koopzegels and you buy €49 for them. Once the booklet is full of stamps/koopzegels, you can trade this €49 worth of stamps and get €52 value back. Representing a 6,12% return of investment.


At PLUS you can save with the PLUSpunten (points). With every euro you spend, you can buy €0,02 points and with 200 zegels, your spaarboekje is full and you pay €4 for the full zegelboekje. If you trade then the filled spaarboekje you receive €6, which gives you 50% return of investment.


At COOP you can buy the stamps for every €0.50 and it costs you €0,05. You fill the COOP spaarkaart with 500 zegels. The value of the full card is €1 and the return of investment is 4%.

So, the next time you're asked spaar je koopzegels? I would warmly recommend you to say ja zeker!

And if you still have the receipts from your last shoppings, you can still buy the koopzegels up to 2 months (!) later!

If you buy online, it might be that you can't buy the zegels though: it's always good to check before. – Good luck and happy spending!

You will find out that not only supermarkets offer ways to save money: have a look at the discount vouchers the next time you are near a checkout counter and ask how to use them! It's really worth it!




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