Language Consultant for Families




As a family language consultant I support parents who want their children to grow up bilingual.

I help families answer the questions here below and many more.

I offer a person and family tailored language plan to work with, and give professional advice that is based on recent scientific findings and experiences.


Which language(s) shall we speak at home?

When should we introduce other languages at home /school?

What if my partner, teachers at school etc. don't support me in the attempt to raise my child bilingually?

What can I do to make sure my child maintains the family language(s)?

Will my child cope with all these languages?

How can I/we make sure that my child speaks my partners' language? 


I offer one-on-one family language consultations either in person or online.

Before the 90 mins meeting I send you a short questionnaire. During the meeting we will analyze your family language situation and discuss your goals. 

I will provide you with a personalized family language plan that will help you make your goals clear with teachers, doctors, speech therapists and... extended family and friends.  


Costs for:


  • pre-meeting contact via email (I will send you a questionnaire and we will discuss the main questions / issues you have)
  • 90 mins family language consultation entirely tailored to your needs
  • a professional personalized language plan for you and your family  
  • follow up call or online meeting of 30 minutes


      197€ (incl BTW)


For further information or to book a family language consultation with me, please fill in the form her below.



Some more information for you:




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