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I regularly hold talks and workshops on demand and by invitation on different topics related to international life – this list shows the ones I held from 2014 onwards.

All my talks and workshops are original and created by me and are always updated. Therefore, a workshop on the same topic will never be exactly like a former one with the same or similar title.



1 December 2017, 11:40-12:30


13 December 2017, 9:00-9:50


Resilience for Teenagers

BSN Senior School Voorschoten



21 November 2017, 18:40-19:20

TCKs and Repatriating with Children and Teens

Outpost Shell Fair, The Hague





16 November 2017, 17:30-21:30

Networking in the Netherlands

Start Your Own Business event by WBII, The Hague




9 November 2017, 19:00-20:30

Road Safety in the Netherlands

BSN Junior School Vlaskamp 





8 November 2017, 9:20-9:40

The Language Consultant: A New Professional Service for Multilinguals

Conference on Multilingualism, University of Groningen



23 September 2017, 9:00-12:30

The Dutch Culture

TU Delft Partners Professional Development  Program



18 September 2017, 19:15-21:00

The Bilingual Classroom

at True Colors Daycare Delft

Workshop for Teachers




15 September 2017, 9:30-12:30

Living in the Netherlands: Who are the Dutch?

at Welcome to The Hague, organized by ACCESS The Hague



4 September 2017, 11:40-12:15

Ute’s International Lounge: ENJOY your Life in The Hague program for newly arrived families in The Hague

presentation for ACCESS volunteers in The Hague



16 June 2017, 9:30-11:30

Addressing Change with Confidence

FA Sessions Team talk
BSN Junior School Vlaskamp


1 May 2017 2 x 40 min

Resilience: Learn to Influence Your Ability to Gain Inner Stability

BSN Staff Conference


31 March 2017, 19:00-21:00

The Challenges of Bilingual Parenting” 

workshop organized by COS Community Workshop, The Hague

(Growing up with multiple languages is a great asset in todays’ life: how can we (parents, caregivers, teachers…)

make sure that we support our children the best possible way on their bilingual journey?)



23 March 2017, 13:45-14:45

Find your Language On the Move

panel discussion with

Ruth van Reken and Rita Rosenback

Families in Global Transition Annual Conference 2017, The Hague (WTC)






10 March 2017, 9:30-12:30

Understanding the Dutch

at Welcome to The Hague, organized by ACCESS The Hague


5 February 2017

5 Steps towards Understanding the Local Language Quickly

Feel at Home in The Hague Fair

The Hague

(find a short version here)



26 January 2017

Blogging for Business

for ACCESS Trainers Network (ATN)


(find a short version here)


20 January 2017

Welcome to the Netherlands!

(for newly arrived families; a talk I held twice per year since 2014)

BSN Junior School Vlaskamp

The Hague

13 January 2017

Embracing International Childhood

BSN Junior School Vlaskamp

The Hague

Ute Limacher-Riebold BSN JSV






11 November 2016

What is your International Backpack?

FIGT NL meeting

International Service Desk at University of Utrecht




3 June 2016

Teenagers: How to decode their behaviour

Amsterdam / Nathalie Hennequin


February 2016

From Expat Bubble to Integration

Families in Global Transition Conference, Amsterdam


10 November 2015

Third Culture Kids: Internationally living children

Outpost Den Haag


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8 November 2015

Parenting the Bilingual Child

International Family Fair


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2 and 6 November 2015

The International Life Stages and The Expat Transition Stages: from Entering to Adjusting

Ute’s Expat Lounge & BSN FA Sessions Team Talk

The Hague


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24 October 2015

Compassion Conference: HUG

The Meaning of Words and Visualization





24 September 2015

The Do’s and Don’ts with the Dutch

Internations Professional Group Rotterdam




18 September 2015, Ute’s Expat Lounge


Christus Triumfatorkerk

Den Haag 10:00-12:00



Parenting the Bilingual Child

held for different age-groups (0-4, 5-10, 10-18):

13.5., 11.6., 10.9., 7.12.2015, Ute’s Expat Lounge

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8 May 2015, BSN FA Sessions Team Talk for parents

Moving on: Relocating and Staying Behind

British School of the Netherlands, Junior School Vlaskamp, The Hague




13 June 2015, Ute’s Expat Lounge

How to enhance Emotional Development through Communication (4-12 yo)

Think, Talk & Tinker

BLOOM, House of Health

Den Haag, 13:00-16:30


Think Talk & Tinker18 April 2015

18 April 2015, Think, Talk & Tinker

Effective Communication with Children

ABC Treehut The Hague, 13:00-16:30


©by Mauflits

©by Mauflits

11 October 2014,  International Family Fair

How to make your life abroad a smooth and joyful ride

“BLOOM House of Health”, Koninginnegracht 28, The Hague, 13:00-17:30


©UtesExpatLounge 2014

©UtesExpatLounge 2014

28 November 2014, BSN FA Sessions Team Talk for parents

 Third Culture Kids: Internationally Living Children

British School of the Netherlands, Junior School Diamanthorst, The Hague



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